My friend and co-author Ryk Spoor has fallen on hard times and he’s set up a fund-raiser for himself and (mostly) his family. I’ve posted the link below. I’ve contributed to it myself and I’m urging anyone else who’s got the wherewithal to do so as well.

Fair closure: I am not (clears the throat) an entirely disinterested party in this matter, seeing as how Ryk and I will be starting on another collaboration soon and I dammit don’t want him preoccupied and distracted by financial headaches.

(The working title for the novel is FENRIR. It’s a hard SF novel that I can best describe — very, very loosely because there are a lot of differences — as our take on the theme Arthur Clarke did brilliantly in RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA. I.e., alien spacecraft enters the solar system; what do you do about it? In our case, Our Heroes build a second generation ORION and head off into the wild black yonder. Adventures follow.)