No DRMAs one of the loyal minions, it occurs to me that some of you may not be aware that Eric's semi-monthly editors column at Jim Baen's Universe is free and open to read without a subscription. 

 Therefore, I think it might be appropriate to post links to those essays here, since Eric "blogs" on Baen's Bar and in his Universe editorial column rather than on his web site, leaving most of the content here to his crew of minions.  There are two sets of columns "Salvos Against Big Brother" – which is Eric's take on the long-running copyright and drm debate, and "The Editor's Page." 

 I'm including links to both below.

 So, without further ado, the links to Eric's columns at JBU: 

Salvos Against Big Brother

Eric Editor Photo

The Editor's Page.  Eric Flint on the subject of Science Fiction

  • June 2006 From: Vol 1 Num 1: June 2006  What is the role of short fiction in F & SF and why does it matter?
  • August 2006 From: Vol 1 Num 2: August 2006 My original plans for this issue's "The Editor's Page" got swept aside last month by the death of Jim Baen, the man who launched the magazine and whose name is—and will remain—on the masthead.
  • October 2006   From: Vol 1 Num 3: October 2006  Jim Baen, the founder of this magazine, died three months ago. Between that and the fact that we've now had enough initial experience with Universe to have a much better sense of the prospects for the magazine than we did when we launched it at the end of last year, I think it would be appropriate for me to use this issue's Editor's Page to let our readers know what our current plans are. 
  • December 2006  From: Vol 1 Num 4: Dec 2006  Since our third issue came out a few weeks ago, we've expanded our staff by adding two new people.

Mike Resnick took over "The Editor's Page" beginning with the February issue.