About the Snippets

Snippets are excerpts from books which have not yet been published. I started posting snippets on Baen’s Bar back in 1999 and have maintained the practice ever since. Some years ago, when I first launched this web site, I carried over the snippets and post them here. They’re also still posted on Baen’s Bar, if you prefer that venue. (Go to www,baen.com, select “Baen Community,” and then select “Baen’s Bar” from the drop-down menu.)

All of the snippets are posted in my conference, titled “Mother of Demons.” They can sometimes also be found in other conferences, depending on the title.

The snippets begin with the start of a book and typically go through half the novel before breaking off when the book is published. In addition to posting snippets from my own novels, I also post (with their permission) snippets from books written by many other authors.

We post snippets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Most Recent

Domesticating Dragons – Snippet 09

Domesticating Dragons - Snippet 09 CHAPTER SEVEN Design 48 The utility of a biological simulator in a place like this was obvious, at least to me, but I'd still have to get the design team on board. I believed in my program's logic--so did Evelyn, or she wouldn't...

The Macedonian Hazard – Snippet 10

The Macedonian Hazard - Snippet 10 Eumenes' smile died as his mind turned to Cassander. Cassander was no general, but he was smart and had a flexible mind, and that might well be more important in this new sort of warfare than personal courage. Finally the unloading...

Two Cases For The Czar – Snippet 06

Two Cases For The Czar - Snippet 06 "I'd like to," Bernie assured the lad, "but where did Pavel go?" "He went to tell Colonel Aslonav that you are here." "Dumnye D'iaki Zeppi." Colonel Aslonav bowed and Bernie sighed. Mikhail had bumped Bernie to the status of "duma...