Photo Album

Per my newsletter, I went and had some updated professional shots done. — Eric

Eric Flint – 2014

Older photos . . .

Shots of Eric at WorldCon 2000.
ericloubarbdave2.jpg (63531 bytes) This was taken at a cafe in the Worldcon hotel. From left to right, the people are: Eric’s wife Lucille, Barbs Freer, Eric — and the guy who looks like a miniature Rasputin is Dave Freer.
Eric (aka The Bear) received this cute bear from Buz Ozburn.Buz is a conservative who enjoys wrangling over politics with Eric.It’s sweater is red because Eric spent 25 years or so as a political activist in the labor movement.The lady in the background is Karin Ringo.
According to Buz, the bear had a red star on its forehead, too, when it was packed in Florida.The large fellow in the hat on the right is Dave Weber.
Eric in the Baen Suite, before the silly string attack on Jim Baen. Dave Freer standing behind Eric, he has a can of silly string in his hand.
Barflies buzzing all around Eric in the Baen Suite.
Eric on the right, Baen editor Toni Weisskopf in red, Dave Weber on the left. With all that silly string, Jim must be there somewhere!
Eric is signing a book for a SoCal Barfly, Patrick Campbell, who couldn’t make it to ChiCon.Pat, a former truck driver disabled in a trucking accident, helped Eric with the Schmitz re-issue project.
Pat had sent along several photocopies of pictures showing the multi-vehicular accident Pat was involved in on the I-5, in dense fog. Patrick and Eric had corresponded about the accident.Eric is a former truck driver also.