Bookstore Details

last updated on 23 January 2013

These are excellent quality, fresh and completely new. None have remainder marks on them. We cannot guarantee, however, that you will get a first printing.

The hardcover books are all priced at $25.00 US; trade paperbacks at $15.00 US, and advanced reader copies (ARCs, also sometimes called bound galleys) at $35.00 US. ARCs are an inferior product, in practical terms, since they amount to trade paperbacks with sub-standard covers and a text that hasn’t been proof-read yet. They are purely a collector’s item and have a higher price because they are rare.

Please indicate in the Signing Instructions section on the PayPal form if you would like the book personalized. Please indicate the name you would like Eric to inscribe in the book. If you leave the Signing Instructions field blank, Eric will simply sign the book.

Feel free to indicate anything else you’d like him to write. (Such as “PLEASE WRITE THIS: ‘Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas 2012, My Breath to yours,'” that kind of thing.)

In the US, by default we ship via USPS media mail, but you can also choose Priority Mail. Holidays notice: The last day to order signed books to guarantee arrival by December 24th is December 6th (December 12th with Priority shipping) in the U.S. and December 4th internationally.

If we ship the book to a United States address via media mail, we will absorb the shipping and handling changes. All you’re paying is the price of the book itself. But if you live outside the U.S. or want the book shipped to a U.S. address by a faster method, you need to pay for shipping. (Media mail takes about one week, on average, but it can take longer.)

Charges for shipping and handling are as follows:

US Media Mail: For one book, you owe nothing. If you are ordering more than one, the cost is $3.00 per additional volume.

US Priority Mail: $5.50 US
Canada: $11.50 US
All other countries: $15.00 US

You need to add these costs to the price of the book(s) when you make your payment. If you’re ordering more than one book, multiply the shipping cost by 33% for each additional book. (Roughly—you can round out the amount and I won’t care. Just get the shipping expense paid reasonably closely.)

Note: If you’re using your PayPal account, please check to make sure your address is updated. We’ve had a few surprises where people have ordered books and forgotten that PayPal has an outdated address for them. It automatically entered this as the place to ship the book, and the books came back returned.

If you have questions about your order, contact Eric at

When you purchase a copy of one of Eric’s books, there are several ways you can get your book inscribed. Please write one of the options below in the “Signing Instructions” box on the paypal form. Note, you have to watch for the box, since it’s not something you HAVE to fill in. The form will send without it. If you mistakenly forget to give signing instructions, you can email them to Eric at

Please remember that if you do not specify one of these options, Eric will by default apply his signature but will not write anything else in your book.

If you write this in the “Signing Instructions” box, Eric will sign the book but will not do anything else to it. This is the default, but you can specifically request this just to be doubly sure.

If you write this, Eric will personalize the book as well as sign it.

Eric will write the exact words you put between the quotes. Exactly as you write them. Please, if you want Eric to write a message, use the quotes with the “Please Write This.” He’s happy to write personal messages, but sometimes people will write obscure phrases in the signing instructions section and won’t explain if this is a note to Eric or if it’s something to write in the book. (If you write Thanks for everything! for instance, it’s hard to tell if that’s directed at Eric or the person you’re going to give the book write. Instead, write PLEASE WRITE THIS: “Thanks for Everything!)

You may also ask for Eric to date the signature, or give him other instructions. If you give other instructions for personalization, please err on the side of being specific. It is sometimes difficult for him to understand what you want, and he has to ask for clarification. This can delay you getting your book!

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