The Demons Of Paris Blurb


By Eric Flint, Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

In March 2018, Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press will publish The Demons of Paris, which is the first novel in a series that combines alternate history and fantasy. Set in the late Middle Ages, the brutality of the conqueror of Central Asia, Tamerlane, triggers a rupture in the very fabric of reality. Demons and supernatural monsters of all kinds begin pouring into the human world, bringing both magic powers and devastation with them.

But that’s not all they bring. The same rupture also drags into the year 1372 a van full of high school students from the year 2018 — along with all their electronic equipment. Soon it’s a race to see which pack of outsiders can create the most turmoil in the late Middle Ages — monstrous demons or precocious teenagers who soon have their own allies and followers among the ranks of demonkind.

And King Charles V had already been in trouble! Piled onto his own poor health, a suspicious and contentious church, France’s always-quarrelsome nobility — worst of all, his unscrupulous and ambitious brother, Philip the Bold — the king now has both demons and people from the future to deal with.

He does have one asset — and not a small one. He can place his trusted Constable of France, Bertrand du Guesclin, in charge of the rambunctious teenagers from the future and their ever-growing legion of demons. And Bertrand has a great asset of his own — his wife Tiphaine de Raguenel, perhaps the best astrologer in all of France and, for sure and certain, not a woman to take seriously the prattling nonsense of youngsters skeptical of her lore and knowledge.

The Demons of Paris will be available in both electronic and trade paperback editions.

And, of course, snippets will begin immediately.