Eric Flint’s writing career began with the science fiction novel Mother of Demons. With David Drake, he has collaborated on the six-volume Belisarius series, as well as a novel entitled The Tyrant. His alternate history novel 1632 was published in 2000, and has led to a long-running series with many novels and anthologies in print. In addition, he’s written a number of science fiction and fantasy novels. He now has more than sixty novels in print as well as many pieces of short fiction and dozens of anthologies which he’s edited.

Flint is also the publisher of Ring of Fire Press and the Grantville Gazette electronic magazine.

Flint graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1968 and later received a master’s degree in history from the same university. Despite those academic credentials, Flint spent the next quarter of a century as an activist in the American trade union movement, working as a longshoreman, truck driver, auto worker, steel worker, oil worker, meatpacker, glassblower and machinist. He has lived at various times in California, Michigan, West Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, and Illinois. He currently resides in northwest Indiana with his wife Lucille.



I ran across this blog by the author Kristen Lamb: PAY THE WRITER …while reading this article by Rachel Kramer Bussel in Salon magazine: Don’t feel guilty It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me or who has read any of the essays I’ve written in the...

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Eric Flint Newsletter – 6 JANUARY 2016

First, I need to explain some recent changes in my schedule of appearances. I was planning to attend comic cons in Miami and Pensacola in January and February, but that’s fallen through. The people organizing my schedule for those events didn’t have enough time to...

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Eric Flint Newsletter – 25 NOVEMBER 2015

I just turned in the manuscript for RING OF FIRE IV, the next 1632 series anthology. It's coming out in May. I'm cutting it a wee bit close on the deadline for this one, although nothing compared to a few thrill rides of the past. The hang-up was finishing my story...

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Eric Flint Newsletter – 17 AUGUST 2015

I just turned in a novella to Kelly Lockhart titled "Up On the Roof," for an anthology he's editing based on John Ringo's Black Tide Rising series. For those of you not familiar with the series, it's John's take on the zombie apocalypse theme. What I did in my story...

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Balticon 2017

I was just invited to be the Guest of Honor at Balticon over the weekend of May 26-29, 2017.  That takes place in Baltimore, if you haven't figured it out already. The reason for the invitation so far ahead of time is because Balticon also agreed to host the 1632...

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Eric Flint Newsletter – 25 JUNE 2015

There have been some modifications in my publication schedule from what it looked like in March. Here's how it looks now: 1636: The Cardinal Virtues will be coming out in a week, at the beginning of July. It’s probably already showing up in some bookstores. In...

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Libertycon filling up fast

Minicon Update: Latest report from Uncle Timmy: they already have over 550 people preregistered and the Banquet is almost sold out. Remember that Libertycon has a hard cap of 700 registrations.

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Change of Venue for 1632 con

After it became clear that we wouldn't be holding the 1632 series minicon at Contemporal this year, we approached LibertyCon and they've agreed to host us.  LibertyCon is a longstanding and very popular SF convention in Chattanooga that I've attended a number of...

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Eric Flint Newsletter – 13 MARCH 2015

I've discussed my publication schedule with Baen Books and here's how it looks now: 1636: The Cardinal Virtues will be coming out in July, 2015. 1635: A Parcel of Rogues will be coming out in January, 2016 Ring of Fire IV will be coming out in May, 2016 1636: The...

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Macaulay on Copyright

Thomas Babington Macaulay Speechs to House of Commons Opposing Proposed Life + 60 Year Copyright Term on 5 Feb. 1841 Favoring a 42-year Fixed Term over a Life + 25 Year Term on 6 April 1842   A Speech delivered in the House of Commons on the 5th of February,...

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