I’ve been feeling a little guilty because it dawned on me a while back that the photograph of myself that I’ve been using on this web page is pretty far out of date. How far? I’m not really sure, but I figure it was taken about a decade ago.

Given that I’ve been known to make sarcastic remarks about people who keep public photos of themselves that are ridiculously out of date, I figured I better take care of the problem. So I had the same professional photographer I used then, whose work I like, do a current set of portraits for me. One of them is now being used as my picture on the web site’s home page, and I added several others to the Photo Album section.

In other news of the day, I have a novella coming out next month in a volume published by Phoenix Pick titled The Aethers of Mars. Phoenix Pick is an imprint of Arc Manor, and is edited by Mike Resnick. Each volume matches an established writer with a newer writer telling stories set in the same universe. My story, “In the Matter of Savinkov,” is set in a steampunk universe developed by my partner in the project, Chuck Gannon.

Here’s the URL, for those interested.

In still other news of the day, Baen Books has scheduled a 1632 novel I co-authored with Paula Goodlett and Gorg Huff for publication in November of this year. Paula and Gorg were my partners in writing 1636: The Kremlin Games. The new novel, 1636: The Viennese Waltz, is set in (where else?) Vienna.

The new novel involves many of the characters developed by Paula and Gorg for a number of stories published in either the Grantville Gazette magazine or one of the Ring of Fire anthologies. It will also serve to some extent as one of the prequels to my next solo novel in the series. (The title of which I haven’t yet figured out, but my informal working titles run along of the lines of Mike Whups on Max and Mike Marches on Munich.)

— Eric