By now, everyone assiciated with Baen authors is doubtless aware that Jim Baen has suffered a stroke, and is in a coma.  For information available, you should visit Baen's Bar at and go to the waiting-romm conference. 

In other news:

  • Universe V1N1 is complete, and up on-line. 
  • Download versions are up, although subject to revision.
  • V1N2 is nearly complete with only a few stories in final copyedit
  • Universe club members now have access to ALL issues through V1n6
  • Grantville Gazette 8 has been turned into webscriptions and the 8/9/10 bundle should go on sale "very soon."
  • GG9 is in early pre-production
  • Up-coming conventions — Convergence, Conestoga, Minicon 5 — please check for details on that.

and, of course, your thoughts or prayers for Jim and his family and co-workers are appriciated. 

–Loyal Minions