The forthcoming page is somewhat out of date, but until we can get it fixed up, here's the master's schedule in his own words, quoting from a Baen's Bar post on Jan 17, 07

 — Loyal Minions

Here's my complete publication schedule for the next year, if you're interested:

  • January 2007 Flint, editor Grantville Gazette III
  • February 2007 Laumer The Long Twilight & Other Stories
    • Lackey Bedlam's Edge (Red Fiddler story)
  • May 2007 Flint & Weber 1634: The Baltic War
  • July 2007 Flint, editor The Best of JBU 2006
    • Flint & Drake The Dance of Time (pb reissue)
  • August 2007 Flint & Freer Pyramid Power
    • Anvil The Trouble With Humans
  • October 2007 Flint & DeMarce 1634: The Bavarian Crisis
  • November 2007 Flint, editor Grantville Gazette II (pb)
  • December 2007 Flint & DeMarce 1634: The Ram Rebellion (pb)
  • January 2008 Flint, editor RING OF FIRE II
    • Laumer Earthblood & Other Stories

They originally had BOUNDARY scheduled to come out in paperback in October, but then Toni decided the second half of the year was getting absurdly overloaded with Flint titles (_I_ didn't think so, whine), so it'll now come out sometime right after January of 2008.