I can see it’s time I need to establish some rules for the ongoing discussion/debate on my essay (see below) on the current ruckus over the Hugo Awards.

Rule One. Do not come into my web site and call me a liar or stupid or dishonest or any other derogatory term. You’re welcome to disagree with me, but do so in a civil manner. There is no warning for this rule violation, because it’s so obvious it shouldn’t need one.

So, whoever the jackass is who goes by the monicker of “rollory”, a pseudonym, naturally, you’re out of here. The technical term is banned, I believe. I’m willing to suffer fools up to a point, but I’m not willing to suffer assholes.

Rule Two. This is not your private soapbox. I don’t mind people posting their opinions here, even when I sharply disagree with them. But once or twice is enough. After a while, it becomes obvious that someone isn’t going to let go of a bone and they keep chewing on it.

Do so elsewhere. Specifically, I don’t have time to argue any longer over whether Theodore Beale’s pseudonym “Vox Day” is the vicious (not to mention stupid) racist and misogynist he so obviously is. You have the constitutional right to defend racism and misogyny. You do not, however, have the constitutional right to do it in my web site.

So take a hike, at least on that subject. I’m not removing any of the existing posts, not even the ones by the shithead who calls himself “rollory.” But if anyone puts up any more posts defending Beale and/or his opinions, the post will be removed and you will be henceforth banned from the site.