About the Snippets

Snippets are excerpts from books which have not yet been published. I started posting snippets on Baen’s Bar back in 1999 and have maintained the practice ever since. Some years ago, when I first launched this web site, I carried over the snippets and post them here. They’re also still posted on Baen’s Bar, if you prefer that venue. (Go to www,baen.com, select “Baen Community,” and then select “Baen’s Bar” from the drop-down menu.)

All of the snippets are posted in my conference, titled “Mother of Demons.” They can sometimes also be found in other conferences, depending on the title.

The snippets begin with the start of a book and typically go through half the novel before breaking off when the book is published. In addition to posting snippets from my own novels, I also post (with their permission) snippets from books written by many other authors.

We post snippets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Most Recent

The Portals Of Hell – Snippet 06

The Portals Of Hell - Snippet 06 His comment finally wiped the sadness from her face. Her brow wrinkled in disapproval, her mouth twisted like Aliceia's when she scolded him. "You should not think such of yourself. Peto considered you a great friend. He always said...

Marked Territory – Snippet 05

Marked Territory - Snippet 05 I glanced over and saw a bright orange tabby lounging on a stack of boxes just beneath a hot air vent. Her coat was thick, but it had that rough look that told me she took care of it mostly on her own. Her eyes were a sparkling green, and...

The Portals Of Hell – Snippet 05

The Portals Of Hell - Snippet 05 Chapter 3: A Revelation The GranMalo towered over them all, more than eight meters tall, and so close that Davin could smell the rotten remains of its past butchery, hear the wind of its nostrils, feel the darkness of this creature in...